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Our wines are the result of a dedicated, persistent, and work in harmony with nature.

Quinta das Arcas SOC. arg. Lda, a family-owned company, was founded in 1985 by Antonio Edwards Monteiro.

Today the company is dedicated mainly to the production of quality wines in the vinho Verde region and in the Alentejo region.

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Vinhão Primoris 2021

According to tradition, St. Martin is blessed with the best wine.
For many years, it has been the motto of Quinta das Arcas. We produce a limited series, of superior quality, made in a traditional press and in order to be ready and bottled to be on the national market and several other points in Europe, on the day of S. Martinho on 11 November, thus being one of the first wines harvest to receive DOC certification in the region.
This 2022 harvest pays tribute to Portuguese Folklore, which represents the memory of a time that has passed and will not return. Folklore is related to ethnography and refers to the set of popular traditions such as music, dance, legends and costumes.
Know our awards!

Know our awards!

Each bottle displays a variety of fresh and intense aroma.
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