About Us

Quinta das Arcas was founded on the early eighties by Esteves Monteiro following a deep work of restructuration of the family vineyards initiated a decade before with a strong focus on the land consolidation and the implementation of modern agriculture. After 1985 the company was set up to bottle the wines already produced, putting on the market the first Arca Nova wines.

Throughout the years, the company has paid special attention to production, following since the early days a path of quality improvement and minimizing impact in nature. In 2012 and with 200 hectares of vineyards in the Vinho Verde region, Quinta das Arcas produces its first certified bio wine.

At the turn f the century the company expanded to another region (Alentejo) where Esteves Monteiro embraced a new project, now 400 km south in a peculiar and unique microclimate very suitable to the production of great wines. Nowadays in the 120 hectares that surround the modern winery, the best wines from the Borba region are produced. Herdade Penedo Gordo is already a reference in the region.

With a total production very close to 2.500.000 liters, Quinta das Arcas is now a company with firm foundations to approach the global market of quality wine.


"Our wines are the fruit of a dedicated work, persistent and in harmony with nature. Each bottle displays a variety of fresh and intense aromas. Knowing our products is a challenge to the discovery of new emotions.”
António Esteves Monteiro (Founder)