Arca Nova Vinhão Primoris

Arca Nova Vinhão Primoris

According to tradition, St. Martin is blessed with the best wine.
This years edition was decorated with Minho inspired folklore graphics.
Tasting notesAs tradition dictates, S. Martinho is blessed with the best wine.
This 2021 harvest pays tribute to the tradition of our land The Festa da Bugiada e Mouriscada (S. João de Sobrado).

According to tradition, St. Martin is blessed with the best wine.
For many years, it has been the motto of Quinta das Arcas. We produce a limited series, of superior quality, made in a traditional press and in order to be ready and bottled to be on the national market and several other points in Europe, on the day of S. Martinho on 11 November, thus being one of the first wines harvest to receive DOC certification in the region. 

Visual: High concentration dark ruby.
Aroma: Very fresh and fruity aromas, reminding plums and wel ripe wild berries.
Flavour: Strong, dense and concentrated structure. The tannins are there, but soft and well integrated in the complete set.

Ano: 2021
Castas: Vinhão 100%
Teor Alcoólico (%vol): 11,5
Açúcar Residual (g/dm3): 2.5
Acidez Total (g/dm3): 6.5
Enólogos: Fernando Machado e Henrique Lopes
Arca Nova Vinhão Primoris
Red wine, due to its particular characteristics, must always be served during a meal. You should accompany dishes of red meats, sausages and dishes typical of Portuguese gastronomy such as the sarrabulho, Lampreia, Cabidela. The Vinhão can even perfectly accompany some Cod dishes.
Suggestion: Gizzards in the frying pan accompanied by Arca Nova Vinhão Primoris Vinho Verde
"This wine is the result of a dedicated work, persistent and in harmony with nature.
House bottle displays a variety of fresh and intense aromas".

António Esteves Monteiro